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2011-03-27  Dylan LloydHOTFIX: deleted legacy line master
2011-02-21  Dylan LloydMerge branch 'htmlparser' into dev
2011-02-21  Dylan LloydBeautifulSoup is no longer a dependency!
2011-02-21  Dylan LloydIt now works, though I had to resort to some ugly code.
2011-01-26  Dylan LloydSolved decode error, can't escape HTMLParseError
2011-01-25  Dylan LloydNow fetching Youtube ID's, but errors at unicode
2011-01-25  Dylan LloydRewriting the parsing code to use HTMLParser
2011-01-21  Dylan LloydMerge branch 'dev'
2011-01-21  Dylan LloydHOTFIX, added missing option declaration.
2011-01-21  Dylan LloydMerge branch 'dev'
2011-01-21  Dylan LloydNow stores user data in ~/.i_like_pandora.config
2011-01-19  Dylan LloydMerge branch 'dev'
2011-01-19  Dylan LloydCleaned up inline documentation and renamed some things...
2011-01-18  Dylan LloydUpdated README to mention BeautifulSoup, got rid of...
2011-01-18  Dylan LloydNow checks for already downloaded files.
2011-01-18  Dylan LloydFixed loading of pynotify and other modules when notifi...
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