2013-03-12  Robin Smidsrødv0.3.0 dl.future/master master
2013-03-12  Robin SmidsrødBump minor version for binary rename
2013-03-12  Robin SmidsrødFixed a warning when commenting from CLI and it fails
2013-03-12  Robin SmidsrødFixed some wide character in print errors on output
2013-03-12  Robin SmidsrødChange name of prq-token to pr-token
2013-03-11  Dylan Lloydrenamed executable to git-pr dl.future/git-integration git-integration
2013-03-09  Dylan Lloydrenamed executable for integration with git
2013-03-09  Robin Smidsrødv0.2.0
2013-03-09  Robin SmidsrødBumped version number
2013-03-09  Robin SmidsrødUpdated changelog
2013-03-09  Robin SmidsrødFixed a bug with reading exit code from external programs
2013-03-09  Robin SmidsrødAdded checkout command
2013-03-09  Dylan Lloyddon't try to create a new remote when it already exists
2013-03-09  Dylan Lloydadded `prq checkout` feature
2013-03-09  Dylan Lloyddon't require .git postfix on remote addresses
2013-03-08  Robin Smidsrødv0.1.0
2013-03-08  Robin SmidsrødBumped version to 0.1.0 because of new important features
2013-03-08  Robin SmidsrødAdded ability to edit comment with $EDITOR
2013-03-08  Robin SmidsrødMake running of external programs more robust and consi...
2013-03-08  Robin SmidsrødVarious code cleanup
2013-03-08  Robin SmidsrødAdded login command
2013-03-08  Robin SmidsrødAdded notice about trying to modify immutable pull...
2013-03-08  Robin SmidsrødAdded some more references to the documentation
2013-03-08  Robin SmidsrødMake sure external programs are present before trying...
2013-03-08  Robin SmidsrødEscape JSON data on the shell cmdline better
2013-03-08  Robin SmidsrødAdded API command debugging option
2013-03-08  Robin SmidsrødRemove some unneeded API calls and cleaned up error...
2013-03-06  Robin Smidsrødv0.0.6
2013-03-06  Robin SmidsrødFixed broken changelog
2013-03-06  Robin Smidsrødv0.0.5
2013-03-06  Robin SmidsrødAdded comment command
2013-03-06  Robin SmidsrødMerge pull request #1 from robinsmidsrod/close-pr
2013-03-06  Robin SmidsrødAdded open/close commands
2013-03-06  Robin Smidsrødv0.0.4
2013-03-06  Robin SmidsrødUpdated changelog
2013-03-06  Robin SmidsrødRenamed cmdline util to 'prq'
2013-03-06  Robin Smidsrødv0.0.3
2013-03-06  Robin SmidsrødNow works on both SSH and git:// URLs
2013-03-06  Robin Smidsrødv0.0.2
2013-03-06  Robin SmidsrødAdded initial documentation
2013-03-06  Robin SmidsrødAdded missing weaver.ini + version bump
2013-03-06  Robin SmidsrødCreated initial Changes file
2013-03-06  Robin SmidsrødUpdated .gitignore
2013-03-06  Robin SmidsrødInitial version
2013-03-06  Robin SmidsrødAdded copyright clause
2013-03-06  Robin SmidsrødInitial commit