2012-12-27  Dylan Lloydcreated populate function to seed from serialize dl.future/master master
2012-12-27  Dylan Lloydadded universe toggle logic
2012-12-27  Dylan Lloydput start/stop code into universe
2012-12-27  Dylan Lloydadded serialize fn to universe and refactored some
2012-12-17  Dylan Lloydreformat 2d reseed buttons for clarity
2012-12-17  Dylan Lloydrm'd extra param
2012-12-17  Dylan Lloydfixed typo
2012-12-17  Dylan Lloydallow random or blank reseed
2012-12-17  Dylan Lloydadded reseed function to 2d automaton
2012-12-17  Dylan Lloydadded button to regenerate 1d automaton
2012-12-17  Dylan Lloydclick on cells to toggle while 2d automaton stopped
2012-12-17  Dylan Lloydstyle fixes
2012-12-16  Dylan Lloydremove broken features, there's a branch for that
2012-12-16  Dylan Lloydmerged 1d and 2d automaton into one page dl.future/reset-highlight reset-highlight
2012-12-16  Dylan Lloydsize adjustments and divs->spans
2012-12-16  Dylan Lloydadded some controls, reset doesn't work
2012-12-16  Dylan Lloydadded missing file :-/
2012-12-16  Dylan Lloydstyle changes
2012-12-16  Dylan Lloyd2d!
2012-12-16  Dylan Lloydwhoops! typos
2012-12-16  Dylan Lloydwhoops, swap height/width
2012-12-16  Dylan Lloydworking w/ hardcoded seeds, instant or on interval