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2013-09-11  Torsten RaudssusNew travis config, missing abstracts dl.future/master master
2013-09-11  Torsten Raudssusnew travis config
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2013-09-10  Torsten RaudssusFixed rights
2013-09-10  Torsten RaudssusUpgraded release process (hope that works), and added...
2013-09-10  Doug Browncss fix for comment buttons in opera
2013-09-10  Doug Brownmoved a bunch of assets to ddgc_static
2013-09-10  Torsten Raudssusddgc_static implementation, screenshot tables, token_do...
2013-09-09  Michael SmithMove more things to dur_precise()
2013-09-09  Doug Browntweaks for better thread display on small screens
2013-09-08  Michael SmithHups, wrong operator.
2013-09-08  Michael SmithLet's fall back in BOTH directions ([url])
2013-09-08  Michael SmithAdd a little markup test script because.
2013-09-08  Michael SmithFix stuff in
2013-09-08  Torsten RaudssusRemoved flags totally from package generation (lets...
2013-09-06  Doug Brownre-ordered forum nav tabs, updated sidebar labels
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