2013-09-11  Torsten RaudssusNew travis config, missing abstracts dl.future/master master
2013-09-11  Torsten Raudssusnew travis config
2013-09-11  Torsten RaudssusMerge branch 'master' of
2013-09-10  Torsten RaudssusFixed rights
2013-09-10  Torsten RaudssusUpgraded release process (hope that works), and added...
2013-09-10  Doug Browncss fix for comment buttons in opera
2013-09-10  Doug Brownmoved a bunch of assets to ddgc_static
2013-09-10  Torsten Raudssusddgc_static implementation, screenshot tables, token_do...
2013-09-09  Michael SmithMove more things to dur_precise()
2013-09-09  Doug Browntweaks for better thread display on small screens
2013-09-08  Michael SmithHups, wrong operator.
2013-09-08  Michael SmithLet's fall back in BOTH directions ([url])
2013-09-08  Michael SmithAdd a little markup test script because.
2013-09-08  Michael SmithFix stuff in
2013-09-08  Torsten RaudssusRemoved flags totally from package generation (lets...
2013-09-06  Doug Brownre-ordered forum nav tabs, updated sidebar labels
2013-09-06  Torsten RaudssusBUH!
2013-09-06  Torsten Raudssus<scratchhead>
2013-09-06  Torsten RaudssusFIXED RIGHTS... FUCKSHITSHITFUCK
2013-09-06  Torsten RaudssusMerge branch 'master' of
2013-09-06  Torsten RaudssusARGHL!!!! FUCKSHITSHITFUCKFUCK!
2013-09-06  Doug Browncleaner locale/flag markup
2013-09-06  Doug Brownpadding: 0 important on flag sprite items to prevent...
2013-09-05  Torsten RaudssusAdded -_ to most username fields as acceptable chars
2013-09-05  Doug BrownMerge branch 'master' of
2013-09-05  Doug Brownforum navigation improvements, cleaner paging items
2013-09-05  Torsten RaudssusBecause jaryd....
2013-09-05  Doug Brownupdated 'New Forum/Idea Post' text for logged-in and...
2013-09-04  Doug Brownfixed header logo markup
2013-09-04  Doug Brownadded 'unhelpful' link on help article pages
2013-09-04  Doug BrownMerge branch 'master' of
2013-09-04  Doug Brownideas view design implimented
2013-09-04  Doug Brownideas 'teaser' layout, other misc fixes
2013-09-04  Doug BrownMerge branch 'master' of
2013-09-04  Michael SmithAdd uservoice data import, etc, etc.
2013-09-04  Torsten Raudssusall_comments function
2013-09-04  Torsten RaudssusFixed github username, made higher blog page
2013-09-04  Doug Brownsloppy markup on header login buttons. fixed - it...
2013-09-04  Torsten RaudssusA bit more title in my site....
2013-09-04  Torsten RaudssusFixed little bug
2013-09-04  Torsten RaudssusAdded a more general "ignore me as last url" concept
2013-09-03  Torsten RaudssusFixes for the new suggest feedback
2013-09-03  Torsten RaudssusIdeas and Forum go in unity with the suggest feedback
2013-09-03  Torsten Raudssus"Lowered" the power of the empty notes feature (sadpanda)
2013-09-03  Torsten RaudssusSome minor changes on the test DB, fixed empty notes...
2013-09-03  Torsten RaudssusAdmin type change, admin status change
2013-09-03  Torsten RaudssusIDEAS!!!!!!!!!!
2013-09-02  Torsten RaudssusLets make flags via sprites!
2013-09-02  Torsten RaudssusFixed rights
2013-09-02  Torsten RaudssusFlags via sprites
2013-09-02  Torsten RaudssusOk ok, thats the REAL fix....
2013-09-02  Torsten RaudssusHotfix for flaggy "lets kill the community platform...
2013-09-02  Torsten RaudssusSo you know why you wait for the deploy at least
2013-09-02  Torsten RaudssusMore idea.... icon-lightbulb
2013-09-02  Torsten Raudssus<dewie>HHHHHUUUUUUUIIIIIIII</dewie>
2013-09-02  Michael SmithMake the thread toggle buttons work
2013-09-01  Torsten Raudssusok now really
2013-09-01  Torsten RaudssusActivated flags proper
2013-09-01  Torsten RaudssusHups
2013-09-01  Michael SmithRemove wild debuggers again
2013-09-01  Michael SmithUservoice import script
2013-09-01  Torsten RaudssusMerge branch 'master' of
2013-09-01  Torsten RaudssusSticky threads on sidebar, added forum as "latest comme...
2013-09-01  Michael SmithUservoice import script
2013-09-01  Torsten RaudssusWorkaround for pager on threadlist on forum
2013-09-01  Torsten RaudssusDeleted old blog import script
2013-09-01  Doug Browncleaned up some sloppy selectors in translation interface
2013-09-01  Doug Brownnice looking reply counts for forum
2013-09-01  Doug Browncorrection to add comment fieid UI logic
2013-09-01  Torsten RaudssusWIP... notification notification notification... and...
2013-08-31  Doug Brownstyling fix for js-bbcode elements in an input-wrap
2013-08-31  Michael SmithDrop debugger...
2013-08-31  Michael SmithOh, that's why we didn't display it.
2013-08-31  Michael SmithSo we have an error message, why not actually display it
2013-08-31  Michael SmithFix newthread page
2013-08-31  Michael SmithTypo
2013-08-31  Michael SmithImplement zoho username submission
2013-08-31  Michael SmithStart to add user verification page for zoho import
2013-08-31  Michael SmithUncomment thread status conditionals, fix import script...
2013-08-30  Doug Brownforum overview styling
2013-08-30  Doug Brownminor css tweak, added permalink to comments
2013-08-30  Doug Brownimproved forum styling
2013-08-30  Doug Brownbasic thread layout
2013-08-30  Doug Brownnavigation update for in-house forums
2013-08-30  Torsten RaudssusFinally moved over all user/ templates to itemplates
2013-08-30  Torsten RaudssusHups
2013-08-30  Torsten RaudssusMerge branch 'master' of
2013-08-30  Torsten RaudssusOh yeah, thats cool, oh yeah, give it to me, threads...
2013-08-30  Michael SmithStart import script
2013-08-29  brabocleanup..
2013-08-29  brabonotes manager - added tooltip with translations on...
2013-08-28  Torsten RaudssusAll one query.... like everyshit... one query... fuck...
2013-08-28  Doug Brownmore fun with unfloated buttons. my own fault for...
2013-08-28  Doug BrownMerge branch 'master' of
2013-08-28  Doug Brownhilarious consequences
2013-08-28  Michael SmithUm, BBCode... stripping...
2013-08-28  Doug Brownremoved call to (not actually used or available)
2013-08-28  Doug BrownBBCode Input Interface for Comments and Textareas on...
2013-08-28  Doug Brownadd comment styling controls
2013-08-28  Michael Smithadd more markup examples