descriptionbreakout! the game. with gravity.
ownerDylan Lloyd
last changeFri, 1 Feb 2013 17:00:33 +0000 (12:00 -0500)
2013-02-01  Dylan Lloydbetter randomness and collision handling dl.future/master master
2013-02-01  Dylan Lloydspeed up in the beginning
2013-02-01  Dylan Lloydadd win condition
2013-02-01  Dylan Lloydseems a little more real like this
2013-02-01  Dylan Lloydadded gravity, startmsg and trigger
2013-02-01  Dylan Lloydmove animate logic into tick loop
2013-02-01  Dylan Lloydcollision detection
2013-01-31  Dylan Lloydbetter wall checks
2013-01-31  Dylan Lloyddetect collisions
2013-01-31  Dylan Lloydcreate a ball and game loop
2013-01-31  Dylan Lloydcreate a paddle
2013-01-31  Dylan Lloyduse the right spacing and brick colors
2013-01-31  Dylan Lloydgenerate bricks at the top
2013-01-31  Dylan Lloydinit
5 years ago dl.future/master
5 years ago master