2013-10-29  Jag TalonDessert: Fixed typos.
2013-10-29  Jag TalonDessert: Improved the regex.
2013-10-29  Jag TalonMerge pull request #109 from kennydude/master
2013-10-28  Jag TalonMerge pull request #213 from stelim/master
2013-10-28  Zaahir MoollaMerge pull request #232 from duckduckgo/pr/228
2013-10-28  Zaahir MoollaSmall updates to template files
2013-10-28  SteLimhopefully, the last commit
2013-10-28  SteLimMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2013-10-28  SteLimfixed test
2013-10-28  Jag TalonShortcut: Removed example from metadata.
2013-10-28  Jag TalonMerge branch 'master' of
2013-10-28  Jag TalonRegexCheatSheet: More formatting changes.
2013-10-28  Jag TalonRegexCheatSheet: Formatting changes and added helper...
2013-10-28  Jag TalonMerge pull request #225 from mintsoft/RegexCheatSheet
2013-10-28  Jag TalonMerge pull request #230 from mintsoft/Coin
2013-10-26  Stefan LimbacherRefactored code and fixed some bugs
2013-10-25  dariog88aSimplified code to get the column content.
2013-10-25  dariog88aRemoved zci is_cached => 1. Regex to keep only letters...
2013-10-24  Rob EmeryAdding first pass at Regex goodie, can be triggered...
2013-10-24  Rob EmeryTweaking Coin to support "heads or tails" also cleaning...
2013-10-24  Supreet Sethixslate template amended
2013-10-24  Supreet SethiModified to make it compatible with xslate
2013-10-24  Supreet SethiMerge branch 'feature/new_plugin_template' of github...
2013-10-18  Supreet Sethiremoved .pm in first line of the template
2013-10-18  Jag TalonUPS: Update example queries.
2013-10-18  Supreet SethiModified templates to make it compatible with Text...
2013-10-18  Supreet Sethi* Removed URI::Escape
2013-10-18  Supreet SethiGoodie plugin template, to be used with duckpan new...
2013-10-12  Jag TalonSubnetCalc: Add back the netmask in the output. Fixes...
2013-10-09  Jag TalonSubnetCalc: Move the class to the network line.
2013-10-09  Jag TalonSubnetCalc: Remove the "Usable hosts" line.
2013-10-09  Jag TalonSubnetCalc: Update the test file.
2013-10-09  Jag TalonSubnetCalc: Remove Data::Dumper and add a comment.
2013-10-09  Jag TalonSubnetCalc: Generate both HTML and text outputs.
2013-10-09  Zaahir Moollachange plugin -> instant answer
2013-10-07  dariog88aReplaced trim function with inline regex. Added encodin...
2013-10-06  dariog88aMoved trim function and slurp outside of the handle...
2013-10-02  Jag TalonSubnetCalc: Add comments.
2013-10-02  Jag TalonSubnetCalc: Change indentation and added whitespace.
2013-10-02  Jag TalonMerge pull request #214 from mintsoft/master
2013-09-26  Michael SmithMerge pull request #217 from duckduckgo/jag/dewey-test-fix
2013-09-25  Jag TalonDewey: Change the test in the Dewey plugin.
2013-09-25  Michael SmithIgnore somewhat normal wrapping characters in Average...
2013-09-24  SteLimfixed Dewey tests
2013-09-24  SteLimremoved mx-check (no web requests allowed), added more...
2013-09-24  Rob EmeryAdding the ip Class to the output and updating tests...
2013-09-24  Rob EmeryRenaming variables as requested by @jagtalon also harmo...
2013-09-22  SteLimMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2013-09-19  Michael SmithAdd some space between columns in Dewey
2013-09-15  RobAdding SubnetCalculator Goodie
2013-09-13  SteLimMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2013-09-13  SteLimadded email validator
2013-09-11  Dylan Lloyddon't trigger for word definition
2013-09-09  Dylan Lloydcleanup, (and don't use smartmatch)
2013-09-05  Antoine Vuglianogitignore back to original state
2013-09-05  antoinecompleted the goodie
2013-09-05  antoinedeleted useless file
2013-09-05  antoineFirst test
2013-09-05  antoineFirst test
2013-08-30  braboadded BE suicide hotline
2013-08-20 Change JSON::XS to JSON
2013-08-19  Dylan LloydMerge branch 'pr/210'
2013-08-19  Dylan Lloydadd support for "what week is this"
2013-08-19  Dylan Lloydloosen regex white space, add periods and <sup>s
2013-08-16  Dylan Lloydrefactor & add test cases
2013-08-15  gsquireremoved <<<HEAD code
2013-08-15  gsquireadded in more natural queries
2013-08-15  gsquireadded in more natural queries
2013-08-14  dariog88aAdded resource with shortcuts in CSV format (with pipe...
2013-08-14  dariog88aAdded resource with shortcuts in CSV format (with pipe...
2013-08-13  Dylan Lloyduse ordsuf in POTUS to <sup> ordsuf
2013-08-11  gsquireUpdate
2013-08-11  gsquireAdded metadata and better test cases
2013-08-10  gsquireMy first plugin called
2013-08-08  Dylan Lloydadd then subtract -l/h, and don't sort rolls
2013-08-05  Hunter Langsharkweek goodie
2013-07-30  dariog88aRemove temp file.
2013-07-30  dariog88aRemove temp file.
2013-07-30  dariog88aComplete rewrite of Shorcut plugin: added context and...
2013-07-30  dariog88aComplete rewrite of Shorcut plugin: added context and...
2013-07-24  Dylan Lloydfix t/GUID.t mixup
2013-07-24  Dylan Lloydadded module for comprehensive natural language support
2013-07-24  John-Peter... Added support for natural language queries from 1-20.
2013-07-24  John-Peter... Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/pr/206'
2013-07-24  John-Peter... Update POTUS.t
2013-07-24  John-Peter... Update
2013-07-24  dariog88aInitial commit of Shorcut plugin.
2013-07-23  Dylan Lloydassorted updates to POTUS
2013-07-23  John-Peter... Update POTUS.t
2013-07-23  John-Peter... Update
2013-07-20  John-Peter... Create POTUS.t
2013-07-20  John-Peter... Update
2013-07-20  John-Peter... Update
2013-07-19  John-Peter... Create Guid.t
2013-07-19  John-Peter... Create GUID.t
2013-07-19  John-Peter... Update
2013-07-19  John-Peter... Update
2013-07-19  John-Peter... Create
2013-07-13  John-Peter... removed GUID.t
2013-07-06  Dylan Lloydadded irc link to DDG, refactored goodie