2013-02-03  Dylan LloydMerge branch 'DiceGoodieChanges' of git:// dice dl.future/dice
2013-01-31  matt lehningRemoved some unnecessary lines I added
2013-01-31  matt lehningremoved unnecessary files
2013-01-31  matt lehningchanges to
2013-01-29  matt lehninggoodie to show paper sizes
2013-01-28  matt lehningadded toss as a trigger in addition as per request...
2013-01-28  matt lehningpick a card coins dl.future/coins
2013-01-27  matt lehningForgot to add (random) to some of the results in
2013-01-27  matt lehningChanged and to display (random) after...
2013-01-27  matt lehningAdded test file
2013-01-26  Dylan Lloydadded atbash wikipedia example as test case atbash dl.future/atbash
2013-01-26  Dylan LloydMerge branch 'atbash' of git://
2013-01-25  tagawaCipher plugin using Atbash (somewhat similar to ROT13)
2013-01-24  matt lehningMerge branch 'matt/Coinflip'
2013-01-24  matt lehningFinished coin flip goodie
2013-01-24  Dylan Lloydremove execute bit from
2013-01-24  Koosha Khajeh... Store the value of $1 to $n in
2013-01-24  Dylan Lloydbe more accepting of query syntax in
2013-01-24  Dylan Lloydgot rid of extra spaces in fibonacci output
2013-01-24  Dylan Lloydaccept "what is the __ fibonacci number" syntax
2013-01-24  Dylan Lloydadded missing dependency for
2013-01-24  Dylan Lloydadded missing hashbang & includes to t/Fibonacci
2013-01-24  Koosha Khajeh... Make the output of Fibonacci verbose
2013-01-24  matt lehningwork ffs
2013-01-24  matt lehningInitial commit
2013-01-23  Koosha Khajeh... Add goodie dl.future/fibonacci fibonacci
2013-01-16  Dylan Lloydfixed unitialized warning when timezone !found CoinFlip dl.future/CoinFlip
2013-01-16  Dylan LloydMerge branch 'master' of
2013-01-15  Stephen R.... unit test for rafl goodie
2013-01-15  Stephen R.... Add prereq for rafl goodie
2013-01-11  Dylan Lloydadded support to FindAnagrams for "anagram of <word...
2013-01-11  Dylan Lloydformatting and trigger changes to FindAnagrams
2013-01-03  Dylan Lloydfix year-specific DateMath tests
2012-12-20  Jag TalonFixed a typo in the example query in
2012-12-20  Jag TalonAn example in second_example_queries was removed from...
2012-12-20  yeggtesting access
2012-12-16  digit4lfa1lAdded links to the SHA-3 wiki pages.
2012-12-10  digit4lfa1lCorrected links to the Wikipedia resources and hashes...
2012-12-10  digit4lfa1lMerge remote branch 'upstream/master'
2012-12-07  Dylan LloydMerge branch 'sort'
2012-12-07  Dylan Lloydadd support to Sort for common array/list syntax
2012-12-07  Dylan Lloydupdated ABC example queries
2012-12-06  Koosha Khajeh... Normalize the output format
2012-12-05  Koosha Khajeh... Change the output delimiter from space to comma
2012-12-05  Koosha Khajeh... Add the Sort goodie
2012-12-04  Dylan Lloydchanged resistor color category to reference
2012-12-04  Dylan Lloyduse literal unicode character in example query
2012-12-04  digit4lfa1lAdded references to the Wikipedia articles. Changes...
2012-12-04  digit4lfa1lMerge remote branch 'upstream/master'
2012-12-03  Koosha Khajeh... Make a minor change to the format of the output
2012-12-02  digit4lfa1lAdded grammatical changes. Removed zci answer_type.
2012-12-02  Koosha Khajeh... The goodie to convert a given hex value to its equivale...
2012-12-01  digit4lfa1lMy plugin that does cryptographic hash functions identi...
2012-11-27  Dylan Lloydadded test file for GUID goodie
2012-11-16  Dylan Lloydformatting changes
2012-11-16  Dylan Lloydremove `each @` for compatibility with perl v5.10
2012-11-16  Joe WalnesResistor colors: Show additional tolerance band.
2012-11-16  Joe WalnesResitorColors use 4 bands instead of 5.
2012-11-16  Joe WalnesIndicate what the individual resistor colors mean.
2012-11-16  Joe WalnesAdd metadata to ResistorColors
2012-11-16  Joe WalnesAdded (ohms) text to resistors Goodie. Removed bold.
2012-11-16  Joe WalnesMore link consistency.
2012-11-16  Joe WalnesBe consistent with 'more' link style.
2012-11-16  Joe WalnesResistor color code calculator.
2012-11-15  Dylan Lloydzapp brannigan isn't always called captain
2012-11-15  Dylan Lloydsay my name!
2012-11-12  Michael Smithadd Dax to
2012-11-07  sillageUpdate share/goodie/private_network/private_network...
2012-11-07  sillageUpdate share/goodie/private_network/private_network...
2012-11-07  sillageUpdate share/goodie/private_network/private_network.txt
2012-11-07  Dylan Lloydchange ABC trigger to "choose"
2012-11-07  Dylan Lloyds/everyday_goodies/everyday/
2012-11-07  Dylan Lloydfixed typo
2012-11-07  Michael Smithfix MoonPhases and Passphrase metadata
2012-11-07  Michael Smithfix Ascii tests
2012-11-07  Michael Smithfix metadata in IDN
2012-11-07  Michael SmithTwo more goodies with metadata!
2012-11-07  Dylan Lloyddos2unix
2012-11-07  Dylan Lloydadded metadata to
2012-11-06  Michael SmithAdd metadata to IsValid goodies
2012-11-06  Dylan Lloydadded metadata to
2012-11-06  Dylan LloydMerge branch 'master' of
2012-11-06  Dylan Lloydadded attribution to
2012-11-06  Michael SmithMetadata for PublicDNS
2012-11-06  Dylan Lloydadded metadata to
2012-11-06  Michael SmithAnother bunch of goodies with metadata
2012-11-06  Dylan Lloydadded metadata to
2012-11-06  Dylan Lloydadded metadata to
2012-11-06  Dylan Lloydadded metadata to
2012-11-06  Dylan Lloydfixed typo in category
2012-11-06  Dylan Lloydadded metadata to
2012-11-06  Dylan Lloydadded metadata to
2012-11-06  Dylan Lloydadded metadata to
2012-11-06  Dylan Lloydadded metadata to ISO639
2012-11-06  Dylan Lloydadded metadata to HTMLEntities
2012-11-06  Dylan Lloydvarious typo/category fixes
2012-11-06  Dylan Lloydadded metadata to
2012-11-06  Dylan Lloydadded metadata to
2012-11-06  Dylan Lloydadded metadata to
2012-11-06  Dylan Lloydadded metadata to