Dylan Lloyd
Software Engineer
(917) - 853 - 4726
Professional Experience
2016 - CURRENT
Highly available internal toolchain development for machine & environment provi-
sioning, authentication & authorization within an auditable financial platform repre-
senting $500 billion assets under management.
Pho e ni x Age / Kabam
2013 - 2016
Technical lead of scalable backend infrastructure, and full stack feature development
for top grossing, massively multiplayer mobile games of 15+ million users.
2011 - 2013
Developed and managed open source repositories hosted on GitHub, responsible for
responding to pull requests. Added featur es to and maintained the DuckPAN plat-
form. Implemented business driven integrations with companies such as ESPN and
Amazon. Wrote internal services and development tools, servicing ˜4 million daily
Active Hamptons
2009 - 2010
Designed and implemented activehamptons.com, an informational website for Active
Hamptons Private Coaching.
Developed internal tools to monitor search referrals and gener ate reports. Designed
and implemented SEO safe strategies to migrate online re s our ce s safely.
Technical Skills
Languages Python, Perl, PHP, Objective C, C, C++, Javascript, Java, Shell, S QL , Haskell
Software Packages NGiNX, Apache, MySQL, Vertica, Couchbase, Redis, Nagios, S en su , Ganglia, Wave-
front, Sumologic, BIND, Postfix, Dovecot, Chef, Gitolite, Salt
Personal Projects
https://disinclined.org/git https://github.com/majuscule
disinclined.org I manage t hi s Debian VPS which hosts my code repositories, email accounts, and
virtual domains including my personal website and technical blog.
matrixnullspace.com A web application written in Python t o calcu late the null space, eigenvalues and
determinant of a given matrix.
p owermate I wrote this Haskell program to control Alsa, MPD and Pianobar with a Griffin
Powermate, binding arbitrary shell scripts to physical gestures. It is available in the
Arch User Repository.
irssi-notify I run irssi (an IRC client) in a shared screen session on my server. I wrote this C
program to forward IRC highlight notifications over a TCP/IP socket for local de sk top
alerts using libnotify.
p opul arperl.com A listing of popular perl modules. To make this, I wrote a simple Catalyst model,
Catalyst-Model-MetaCPAN, to simplify developing against the MetaCPAN API.
App-GitHubPullRequest I adde d git integration and t he ‘checkout’ feature to this open source command-line
tool to query GitHub pull requests. The new feature checks out the specified pull
request in a dedicated tracking branch. If the remote repo is not already s pecified in
your git config, it will be added and the branch will be fetched.
nasm-demonstration 64 and 32 bi t Netwide Assembly demonstration, in the form of a needlessly compli-
cated hello world featuring a branch, macro and function.