Dylan Lloyd
Software Engineer
(917) - 853 - 4726
Professional Experience
Tower Research Capital 2018
Liaison to FPGA development from DevTools Compute Development Platform. Sole
developer of specialized dependency management system for FPGA design. Owner-
ship of end to end CI/CD pipelines for hardware simulation on Kubernetes.
Addepar 2016 - 2018 Highly available internal toolchain development for machine & environment provi-
sioning, aut he ntication & authorization within an auditable financial platform repre-
senting $500 billion assets under management.
Pho e ni x Age / Kabam 2013
- 2016
Technical lead of scalable backend infrastructure, and full stack feature development
for top grossing, massively multiplayer mobile games of 15+ million users.
DuckDuckGo 2011 - 2013 Developed and managed open source repositories hosted on GitHub, responsible for
responding to pull requests. Added features to and maintained the DuckPAN plat-
form. Implemented business driven integrations with companies such as ESPN and
Amazon. Wrote internal services and development tools, servicing ˜4 million daily
Technical Skills
Languages Python, Perl, PHP, Obje ct ive C, C, C++, Javascript, Java, Shell, SQL, Haskell
Softwar e Packages NGiNX, Apache, MySQL, Vertica, Couchbase, Redis, Nagios, Sensu, Ganglia, Wave-
front, Sumologic, BIND, Postfix, Dovecot, Chef, Gitolite, Salt, Kubernetes
Personal Projects
https://github.com/majuscule https://disinclined.org/git
disinclined.org I manage this De bi an VPS which hosts my code repositories, email accounts, and
virtual domains including my personal website and technical blog.
matrixnullspace.com A web application writt en in Pyt hon to calculate the null space, eigenvalues and
determinant of a given matrix.
p owermate I wrote this Haskell program to control Alsa, MPD and Pianobar with a Griffin
Powermate, binding arbitrary shell scripts to physical gestures. It is available in the
Arch User Repository.
cellular-automata One and two dimensional cellular automata animated on an HTML canvas. Two
dimensional automaton seeds can be drawn on the screen and iterated.
App-GitHubPullRequest I added git integration and the ‘checkout’ feature to this open source command-line
tool to query GitHub pull requests. The new feature checks out the specified pull
request in a dedicated tracking branch. If the remote repo is not already specified in
your git config, it will be added and the branch will be fetched.
nasm-demonstration 64 and 32 bit Netwide Assembly demonstration, in the form of a needlessly compli-
cated hello world featuring a branch, macro and function.